Celebrities and everyday people just like you have all tried and succeeded using the Kerry Gaynor Method*.

Celebrity Testimonials - Not Paid Endorsements
Stop Smoking and Start Living with The Kerry Gaynor Method. Find out what these celebrities said about their experiences with The Method*. They have not been paid for their testimonials.
 ---*There is no guarantee of specific results. Actual results may vary.
Martin Sheen
"I simply and honestly believe in Kerry Gaynor's Method of helping smokers quit smoking...it worked for me*!" ---Martin Sheen, not a paid endorsement
Brittany Lucas
"It opened my whole view on smoking and living, 100% different. It changed every way I thought about smoking*." ---Brittany Lucas, not a paid endorsement
Kevin Pollak
"I didn't need to do anything but sit there and take it in and go through the three steps, that was it, and it was over*..." ---Kevin Pollak, not a paid endorsement
Nick Cassavetes
"I never had one craving, I never had a tough moment, not a tough day ... I was just done*." ---Nick Cassavetes, not a paid endorsement
Katie Cassidy
Kerry changed my point of view and the way I looked at cigarettes and how I thought about them ... after I saw Kerry, cigarettes to me are disgusting. He saved my life*." ---Katie Cassidy, not a paid endorsement
Jerry Ferrara
I tried to quit on my own ... and I just always fell short...I walked out of the second session and I said 'Ok, I don't feel like I want to smoke', and it never came back*." ---Jerry Ferrara, not a paid endorsement
Howard Hesseman
"Through hypnosis he gives you a series of suggestions that strengthens your reasons not to smoke*." ---Howard Hesseman, not a paid endorsement
Heather Locklear
"I don't have an urge when I'm around smokers...I felt like Kerry saved my life. I will never smoke again*." ---Heather Locklear, not a paid endorsement
Emily Procter
"All I know is I'm a person who had absolutely no intention of quitting smoking and I quit smoking, and it's been 13 years for me*..." ---Emily Procter, not a paid endorsement
Eden Sassoon
"Your life will change. It's something that not only will change your life, but will change and effect the people around you*." ---Eden Sassoon, not a paid endorsement
Aaron Eckhart

 "I didn't feel like a prisoner ever in this process. He (Kerry Gaynor) doesn't want you to get encumbered with those thoughts, he wants to leave all that behind and look forward*." ---Aaron Eckhart, not a paid endorsement
Nick Leo
"The minute I walked out of my third session, I was no longer a slave to cigarettes at all*." ---Nick Leo, not a paid endorsement
Katie Davis
"He goes in, he reprograms your brain, he makes you think differently and he breaks that attachment*." ---Katie Davis, not a paid endorsement
Jolane Lentz
"I didn't want to live this way anymore. It's a weight that's lifted off of my shoulders now. I'm living the life that I wanted to live*." ---Jolane Lentz, not a paid endorsement
Cynthia LaCasse
"I really felt it was about Kerry Gaynor's words. He articulates exactly what someone needs to hear if they want to quit smoking*." ---Cynthia LaCasse, not a paid endorsement
Clayton Rohner
"I don't even really think about it, I'm just not a smoker, I won't ever be a smoker*." ---Clayton Rohner, not a paid endorsement
Casey Flynn
"I can't believe that i'm a non-smoker*." ---Casey Flynn, not a paid endorsement
Andrew Shack (President)

"We have saved many lives and cannot wait to save millions more. We believe we have put together the easiest way to quit this crazy, disgusting habit, I know because I quit with it and have been spreading the word every since. This has become my life mission to help others quit smoking for life. All the best, and I wish everyone true success. You will never believe it till you see it for yourself*."

--- Andrew Shack, not a paid endorsement

"I was up to about half a pack a day, wasn’t enjoying it anymore, but wasn’t able to quit on my own and make it stick. Stop Smoking Start Living is genius and made it so attainable. Watching a DVD while in my own home, there was no excuse not to do it and after watching I was done making excuses. After the second DVD I was a non-smoker, it was no longer an option. It’s been 2 months and I don’t even think about it anymore...Thank You*."

--- Kirby, not a paid endorsement
Caity Darotis

"I heard about The Kerry Gaynor method through my best friend who had just quit using the DVD’s. I’m 26 and I had tried quitting before quite a few times so for me, hypnotherapy and quitting sounded like a silly process. Smoking literally ran my life. I would wake up and have a cigarette, get coffee have one, head to work have a few, take breaks at work have a few, drive home have a few, get home have a few and the cycle continued. My dad smoked when I was really young (he smoked for almost 30 years) and I remember how I felt when I would see him doing it. After years of begging him to quit for me, he did. I was the reason he FINALLY quit smoking. Every time I smoked, I remembered this and felt disgusted with myself. But still that was not enough for me to quit. I wanted to quit more than anything but I was never able to do it until I watched the videos. I had a friend who offered me the chance to try The Kerry Gaynor Method DVD’s a few months back and I went through the entire process, skeptical of course. After watching the first session I left and still continued to smoke (which you’re allowed to) and thought, well this is not going to work out for me. I went back again to watch the second session and have not smoked since (all from watching a DVD and a total of 2 hours out of my life). The difference with Kerry and other methods of quitting is that Kerry gives you the TOOLS to quit. I learned that it was just not an option for me anymore and it was as simple as that, I was amazed. For me, facts were not enough. I knew how bad they were for you, that they would eventually kill me, give me Cancer but I always figured that I would be the exception to the rule. I smoked about 10-15 cigarettes a day (more on the weekends) for almost 8 years and am happy to say I am cigarette free now for 2 months, 18 days and counting. I feel incredible. I honestly do not think I have ever felt this good. I am much more food and health conscious now. Life is short and I intend on sticking around for as long as I can :) Quitting smoking was the best thing I have ever done and Kerry made it SO EASY for me. Kerry saved my life. I am forever grateful*."

--- Caity Darotis, not a paid endorsement
Matt Vener

"I smoked for 21 years and loved it. I smoked so much I was a cigarette. I never wanted to quit even though I knew one day it would kill me, I was addicted. A buddy of mine kept nagging me, he would tell me that cigarettes were going to be my downfall. He kept pitching me this DVD that would make me quit with ease and no withdrawals. I wasn’t a believer and I wanted to prove to him it wouldn’t work. So I finally caved in and tried it. Now a year and 4 months later I’ve been cig free and will never smoke again. In fact, just the sheer smell of cigarettes are extremely unpleasant now. I can’t even describe with words how much better my life is without cigs*!"

--- Matt Vener, not a paid endorsement
Tony DeNiro

"After playing sports my whole life & being very health conscious the last thing I ever thought that I would ever be was a cigarette smoker. Unfortunately it happened & I struggled with it for years. I look back & think about how much money & time I wasted smoking. I tried to quit several times & after a few short term "breaks" before you knew it I was back at the counter of a 7/11 or gas station asking for a pack of Parliament lights. It was definitely something I wasn't proud of & would even hide from some people so that they wouldn't lose respect for my ability to make good decisions. I've done a lot of things but smoking cigarettes was definitely the worst thing I've ever done in my life. After hearing about the Kerry Gaynor program for over a year & how helpful it was for some of my closest friends I finally reached out to my dear friend Andrew Shack for help. That "help" was the best help I've ever received & the best part about it was how easy the program was. After viewing the first dvd I never had an urge or desire to smoke & to go from a pack every two days to none ever again is a true testament that the program works. I can honestly say that theres no chance that I'll ever smoke a cigarette again & I can't even remember when the last time was that I had one. It's such a thing of the past & not important to me that I don't even count the days or waste my time thinking about it. It's an embarrassing & disgusting part of my past. If anyone truly wants to stop smoking, as silly as it sounds, it's the easiest thing I've ever done. The Kerry Gaynor method changed my life for the best & I'm proud to promote the positive results. I can't express how happy I am knowing that I will never smoke again & that somebody reading this might be encouraged to quit*."

--- Tony DeNiro, not a paid endorsement
Joey Simantoub

"I cannot express in words how much this has changed my life and how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into saving my life. You brought me into your home like i was family and guide me through something that I thought was going to be a difficult hurdle but turned into what was more like a walk in the park...In March 2013 my best friend called me and asked if I still smoked and if I wanted to quit. That week I had begun to feel those deep chest pains all smokers feel but tend to ignore since it’s something you’ve been feeling for years. My answer to his question without any hesitation was yes I want to quit. He then asked me again, and I replied yes again. At the moment the answer I gave him was not something I was going to stand by. It was more a life, but more to myself than him. The reason I answered with a yes was because my brother called me and I heard the concern in his voice and knew I should be concerned too. After a few days I met you for the first time at your home. I’m sure I smelled like an ashtray but you didn’t even mention a thing. The first day of the video was really a slap in the face. When I left I felt like the world has been lying to me for 32 years...but more than anything I had been lying to myself. I continued to smoke until the 2nd session. After this day March 22 2013, I have been a non smoker. The DVD gives you the guidance and teaches you how to quit. Nicotine is not addicting. It’s just a weak little chemical. You are bigger than it. Quitting smoking is easy, you just need the tools and guidance*."

--- Joey Simantoub, not a paid endorsement
Calli Cholodenko

"I smoked my first cigarette at 16 and was addicted from the start. Over the next six years, my addiction progressed to smoking over a pack a day. During those years, I tried to quit endless times, with no success. I felt hopeless. I knew the desire to quit was there, but I felt dependent, scared and stuck in my addiction. When I first heard about The Kerry Gaynor Method, I’ll admit I was skeptical. It’s not that I didn’t believe hypnosis would work for me, but I feared the amount of work it would take, and that’s where I was wrong. The Method was so simple, nearly effortless. Instead of putting on Netflix, I popped in the DVD, sat on my couch in the comfort of my own home, and let the magic begin. The Method did the work for me; I was simply a willing participant. It’s been just over a month since I quit, and I have yet to have a craving. The Method allowed me to break the addiction I thought had overtaken me for good. Kerry transformed me the way I viewed smoking; for lack of better words, he helped me see the light. Kerry did more than change my life, he saved it*."

--- Calli Cholodenko, not a paid endorsement
Stephany Williams

"I had my first puff at 13...was disgusted, and didn’t have another until 17. It was the stupidest thing I could have done. A former cheerleader, workout enthusiast, and nurse and now a mother to a special needs child spelled all the reasons that smoking was WRONG. I stopped, started, endlessly to almost a pack daily. When my ex husband died from cancer, I finally realized that I was not immortal, if it could happen to a mountain of a man like him, it could surely happen to me as well. I am all my son has left now. I feel so horribly selfish, and feel like crap every time I put a smoke into my mouth. The time has come. I am so ready. I cannot wait to begin my treatment. Thank you, Kerry for this chance to finally change my life, once and for all*."

--- Stephany Williams, not a paid endorsement
Roger Castillo

"I was smoking anywhere from a half pack to a pack of cigarettes a day, for about 4 years. I had had enough and was looking for a way to quit, since cold turkey was something I had tried before and found very difficult to do, I was hoping to find another way. I needed to quit right away and permanently. My daughter had just been born and I had to stop immediately. I had noticed on my Facebook page that a friend was talking about the Kerry Gaynor method and it piqued my interest. So I contacted my friend and asked for his help and he told me about the DVDs and how I would just have to do three one hour sessions of hypnosis over a period of two weeks. So with my skepticism on hypnosis intact, I agreed to try it out, what the hell. Well that was over two months ago and not one cigarette since. I'm not going to say it was a breeze, because you have to want to quit, but I will say it works if you want it too. Me and my family thank Kerry Gaynor for his DVD's. I'm sure he saved my life*."

--- Roger Castillo, not a paid endorsement
Katie Davis

"Stop Smoking Start Living to me, was a rebirth. To not be absolutely controlled and suffocated like a gun is to your head if you don’t get a cigarette… It’s the most freeing feeling in the world. I honestly never could have imagined a day when I wouldn’t crave a coffee in the sun with a smoke. Kerry is like this little magician who gets inside your brain, similar to a mechanic, and re-calibrates the way you think about things. He shifts your perspective in a way that’s so radically different from your control center inside your mind, you have no idea what’s happening or how, but it feels amazing. It’s really unbelievable to reflect on how I’ve always chased freedom, only to realize how incredibly unaware, foolish, and trapped I really was. I feel like I have this new brain, and I’ve just walked out of the bird cage into my new life run by me. Wow what a feeling. Thank You!!!! Kerry and everyone involved in the Stop Smoking Start Living movement*!"

--- Katie Davis, not a paid endorsement
Brian Wolfe

"I had been smoking on and off from the age of 16 until 38. I loved smoking. I wasn’t an “all day everyday” type of smoker; I would smoke here and there. I liked to smoke on the golf course, out drinking, etc. When I had my first child I knew I never wanted him to see me smoke, I just didn’t know how to really quit. I tried the gum and it only worked for a little while. I bumped into Andrew Shack and he told me about Kerry Gaynor. I was anxious to meet with him. Unfortunately I live in Connecticut and Kerry was going to be on vacation when I was planning to be in LA next. Andrew then told me about the DVD. He allowed me to try the beta version at his house. It worked perfectly and I have been a non smoker ever since. I tell anyone I meet who smokes that they need to buy the DVD. Amazing. Thank you so much for saving my life as I haven’t smoked in over 2 years and will never smoke again thanks to Kerry’s DVD*!"

--- Brian Wolfe, not a paid endorsement