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*Actual results may vary. Please consult a doctor before starting any smoking cessation program.

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Actual results may vary. Please consult a doctor before starting any smoking cessation program.

The Kerry Gaynor Method is a revolutionary smoking cessation program created and developed over the last 33 years by world-renowned hypnotherapist Kerry Gaynor. This simple program is easy and has helped thousands of patients quit smoking in less than 7 days*. Believe it, it works. We have an 85% success rate and a no questions asked money back guarantee**.

By making this method available on DVD, quitting smoking has never been easier! Now, you can experience the benefits of having personal sessions with Kerry in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost.  

The Kerry Gaynor Method is comprised of 3, one-hour DVDs, which you individually watch 5 to 7 days apart. The first 40 minutes of each DVD places you in the same therapy session that Kerry shares with all his patients in person. This is followed by the behavior modification portion, where Kerry directly puts you in a natural state of relaxation and changes the way you think about smoking forever.

In-person therapy sessions with Kerry could normally cost you upwards of $900, not to mention a 3-month waiting list! With The Kerry Gaynor Method DVDs, you just have to press play, and sit back and watch each DVD as instructed - for under $100! This doctor recommended method is so innovative and effective that you won't believe how easy it is to quit*!

We are so confident about The Kerry Gaynor Method, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee**! You have nothing to lose and your entire life to gain. Try it and experience what thousands have first hand: the freedom from addiction.

Evaluated in an environment similar to what you will experience at your home, The Kerry Gaynor Method DVDs have had an 85% success rate in our internal testing***. Of course, individual results vary and each person must have a desire to quit smoking.

BONUS: The Kerry Gaynor Method also comes with 1 bonus supplemental CD and the Companion app, which you can download today for free from iTunes or the Google Play store. Find out more about the app here.
Actual results may vary. Please consult a doctor before starting any smoking cessation program.

Studies have shown that quitting smoking can:

Improve circulation
Help weight loss
Lower blood pressure
Reduce your risk of cancer
Reduce your risk of heart attacks
Make breathing easier
Reduce coughing
Is The Kerry Gaynor Method simple?
The Kerry Gaynor Method DVDs were designed to be as simple as possible. As long as you have a desire to quit smoking, The Method can help you quit. Like thousands of others already have, just put in the DVD, sit back, press play and follow the instructions. It's that simple. Within two weeks you could be a non-smoker.*

Does it really work?
In an environment similar to what you will experience at home, we have experienced an 85% success rate*** in our internal testing of the DVDs. Of course, individual results tend to vary and each person must have a desire to quit smoking. If you follow the directions - watch each session alone, undisturbed and 5-7 days apart - The Method can be extremely effective*. 

How long until I become smoke-free? Do I need to watch all 3 DVDs at once?
The Kerry Gaynor Method is three, one hour DVDs that you DO NOT watch all at once. You will watch the first session, then 5-7 days after that you watch the second 1 hour session (that’s when you will learn to transition to a non-smoker*) and then 5 -7 days after that, you will lock it in with the final one-hour session. Essentially it's 3 hours total time spread out over 10-14 days. Like watching 3 episodes of your favorite TV show, it's that easy, except this can save your life*.

Can the DVDs really work better than an in-person session? 
The 3 one-hour DVDs put you in a real session with Kerry Gaynor as if you were there. In our internal testing, we have found that The Kerry Gaynor Method DVDs have an 85% success rate***. People are more comfortable doing the sessions in the comfort of their own home, and the DVD sessions were found to be just as effective as seeing Kerry personally. 

Are there any cravings or side effects?
The vast majority of people we tested did not crave cigarettes at any point during The Method after Session 2. In some cases, months, even years, have gone by where these non-smokers have yet to crave a cigarette. Kerry uses an approach that changes the way smokers think about addiction. This change in perspective, along with hypnotherapy, are the reasons why most participants do not suffer from cravings*.

Won't I gain weight once I quit smoking?
While actual results do vary, in the vast majority of our testing, there were no signs of weight gain*. In fact, some people have reported even losing weight*.